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Thank you for your curiosity and attention!! A bit about me...

My first love was dance. Having been born to parents who were understandably hesitant about strict training, I started it late. In college I began taking beginning classes at local studios and instantly knew it was my calling. Five years later I had a BFA in dance and positions in two Chicago companies. From there I fell into dance theater and found myself with speaking parts that would pop up in the middle of contemporary dance pieces. I loved using my voice on stage and something new began to take root. When I moved to NYC I auditioned for Then She Fell, a magical immersive dance theater piece for 15 audience members by Third Rail Projects. I was cast as the Red Queen and would play her for over three years. After leaving TSF I went on to perform many more works with Third Rail, most notably a commission by Denver Center for the Performing Arts. All the while becoming a "serious actor" was on my mind and in my heart. I was certainly acting, but I craved more knowledge. I wanted to know how to dig into a script and create characters. When the pandemic hit I decided to use the pause in everything I had been involved with to study acting seriously. I enrolled in a two-year Meisner conservatory at the Terry Knickerbocker Studio and got exactly what I had been craving. Another "late" start that oddly feels right on time. And now I am out here in the big bad beautiful world, absolutely electrified by the breath and quality of writing for theater, film and television. It is such an exciting time to be an artist.

I'm from Minnesota, an only child, have two dogs and one partner. Now tell me about you!