In both video and live performance, my particular curiosity as an artist has always been whether I can create my way into repossession of my body--whether a woman in performance can subvert the male gaze and achieve total agency over her witnesses. Can she toggle between the states of expressive subject and erotic object and be safe in either state? More recently my work includes an investigation of how whiteness lives in the same body, what dangerous power it holds. How can I explore not only the victim in me, but the perpetrator? My work is largely informed by the trauma-processing experience and, thus, uses the surreal to get closer to the real. I am first and foremost a dancer, yet I constantly ask myself the question, "Does this really need dance?" I am interested in using dance to elevate theater. I believe it does its best work when getting to the unspeakable and indescribable, but must be carefully portioned.